Welcome to Liberians United for National Reforms (LUNAR) Inc.


LUNAR is a political empowerment, non-profit and non-partisan organization that promotes democratic governance and rule of law. Our goal is to help reform Liberian governance institutions, laws, policies, and customs by empowering all Liberians to give voice to their legitimate social, economic, and political aspirations.

LUNAR advocates for systemic reforms through capacity-building. We champion the cause of all Liberians for human rights, opportunity, social and economic justice, civic and political participation, and security at home and abroad. We are committed to self-determination, and honesty and accountability in public service. We believe that all Liberians should be empowered to achieve their goals as free, informed, united, engaged, and productive citizens.

LUNAR believes that it is imperative that all Liberians participate actively in the political process at all levels. Equity in opportunities leads to sustainable peace and development. Hands on community involvement will ultimately empower all Liberians to promote institutional reforms, minimize corruption, enhance rule of law, and contribute to peace and sustainable development in Liberia.

LUNAR will organize conferences, seminars, symposia, conduct surveys and analyses of issues of national concern. LUNAR will also educate our people as to their constitutional rights and responsibilities. Our programs and activities will foster participation and ownership of our national and local governments as well as public institutions. Our core business is, and will always be, empowerment.

We intend to use this website as a virtual Democracy Resource Center, a one stop destination for democracy-related and good governance issues in Liberia. Our Democracy Watch Section will provide regular updates on progress towards or obstacles against the actualization and strengthening of participatory democracy in Liberia. We will also make every effort to provide you, the general public, access to public government information including the national budgets, annual reports and other public information that is traditionally available only to a privileged few. Our goal is to help create an informed citizenry.


We ask for your partnership in our endeavor. Help us build this virtual public resource center as a way of empowering the Liberian people to make informed decisions and make Liberian public officials accountable to the people. Send us any relevant information and documents on the operation and management of the Government and its various institutions.

Please visit the About Us section for more information about LUNAR and membership information.

Thank you for visiting with us.

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